Beckmann, Max  (1884-1950): The chord dancer (Der Seiltänzer) 1922.
Print, drypoint engraving. 56 x 41.5 cm. One of a series of 10 engravings.
Another of the same series is titled “Nigertanz”
Bern, Galerie Kornfeld.

Heckel, Erich:   Chord dancer (Seiltänzer)
. Print engraving, eau-forte 19.9 x 24.7 cm. Germany, Essen, Folkwang Museum    

Macke, August: Chord dancer (Seiltänzer)
1914. Painting, oil on canvas 82 x 60 cm.

, Bonn, Städtische Kunstsammlungen 


Macke, August: Chord dancer (Seiltänzer)
1913. Drawing, pencilé

Macke, August: Female chord dancer (Seiltänzerin)
1910. Painting, oil on canvas 47 x 37 cm
Germany, Bonn, collection Dr Walter Gerhardt.


Kirchner, Ernst Ludwig Acrobatic dance couple
(Acrobatisches Tanzpaar)

1914 Drawing, pen and ink, over pencil. 20.8 x 17 cm. 

Stilt dance (Stelzentanz)
1899. Print, engraving 7 x 10 cm
Greece, Athens, collection Alkis Raftis

Koch, Georg A ballet rehearsal at the Busch Circus (Eine Balletprobe im Circus Busch) 1898 drawing print, woodcut. 33.8 x 45.7 cm. Greece, Athens, collection Alkis Raftis.

Schmidt, E. A.: The Schäffler dance – final group (Der Schäflertanz – Sclussgruppe) 1894. Print sketch. 21 x 9.2 cm. Greece, Athens, collection Alkis Raftis  From the handicraft festival in Erfurt of Green Monday on 30/07/1894.

Klee, Paul: Chord dancer
(Seiltänzer) 1923.
Print, lithograph printed in black and rose 44.1 x 27 cm     U.S.A., New York

Scapa: A good education is never lost!
Eine gute Ausbildung verleugnet sich nie!). Drawing 1998