Chord dancers during festivities at the Golden Horn
1720. Drawing, color, manuscript illumination 32 x 41.5 cm.
Turkey, Istanbul, Topkapi Palace Museum

“Professional male or female dancers “”çengi”” twirling majolica plates on their fingers”
1550 approximately. Drawing, manuscript illumination, miniature, color

Two musicians and dancer spitting fire
1800 approximately. Drawing, manuscript illumination.Greece,
Athens, collection Alkis Raftis.

Baratti, Filippo: Juggler in a harem
(Jongleuse dans un harem) 1889. Painting, oil on canvas 96 x 137 cm.  Private collection, Signed and dated “London 1889”

Court dancer doing a handstand
1825 approximately. Painting, watercolor 16.1 x 10.7 cm. Private collection.


Six male dancers under a rope walker
(Six danseurs sous un équilibriste sur une corde)
1700 approximately.
Painting, manuscript illumination, miniature. Illustration for an article.