Seated female teacher playing the flute for dancing pupils
-250 B.C., approximately. Painting, vase. 
SpainMadrid. Museo Arqueologico Nacional

Ulofs, A.: Kyvistrides. Acrobatic dancers.
1887. (drawing) Print 9 x 14 cm.
GreeceAthens, collection Alkis Raftis.
After illustrations on ancient Greek vases,
Filling a vase with water and walking between knives.

Figurine of a dancing girl in Phrygian costume,
leaning over to her left, arms above her head

-100 B.C., approximately. Sculpture, clay statuette, terracotta.15 cm height.
Found at Rheneia, 1988, in a child’s grave.The girl wears trousers, a short tunic,
with long narrow sleeves and a Phrygian cap.
Probably a dancer-acrobat with garments reminding of those of the Amazons.